What are your rates & what does that include?

Photo sessions start at $400.
Super 8 films start at $500.
Wedding packages start at $2600.

Get in touch with me from the contact page for session rates and elopement & wedding packages.

All final edited photos will be uploaded to an online gallery where you can download them to save and share. Printing rights are also included in the contract, so you're free to order any prints or products you like, which can even be purchased directly from the gallery website.

Wedding films will be privately uploaded to a video sharing site for you to view, download, and share.

What is your turnaround time?

For sessions, it can be as soon as a week or two.

Super 8 films take at least 2 weeks to be sent in for developing/scanning, getting it sent back, and editing the final film

Weddings may take up to a month or two depending on work load and backlog, but I always send a few sneak peeks right away to hold you over until the final delivery.

Do you travel for sessions and weddings?


I am based in central California, but am totally down to travel out of state or even internationally. Travel fees may be added for drive time, flights, rental cars, accommodations, etc, but feel free to send me an inquiry with all the details to see if we can work out a deal to make it work for both of us.

I might even be able to offer a decent discount if you want to take me along with you somewhere I've been wanting to go or dying to shoot in. You can also check my travel page to see where I'm headed and save on travel costs if you can meet me there!

Do you sell prints or albums?

Prints & albums can be ordered straight from the gallery website.

I also offer customized albums that are creatively designed and thoughtfully made. You can approve photos, cover design, and final spreads, or give me an idea of what you want and wait to be surprised - however you prefer!