“I am often immensely rich, not in money, but rich because I have found my m├ętier, something I can devote myself to, heart and soul, and that gives inspiration and meaning to my life.”
-Vincent van Gogh

Hello! My name is Regan Scaife and I am a photographer and videographer based out of
San Luis Obispo, California.


Besides photo & film, I love 80's music, snowboarding, coffee (from straight black to vanilla sugar milk) and my dog - Burton. I love to travel, but I won't lie - I can't be away from home for too long.


I specialize in working with couples and small families - documenting weddings, elopements, and other stories. I'm drawn to the passionate and romantic, adventurers and lovers. These are the ones who inspire me to do what I do. My favorite captures are the little details and candid moments and I love working with people who feel the same.